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                                             My name is Christina 

How I can help you

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(''In any given moment we have two options to step forward into growth or step back into safety.'')
Abraham Maslow

Humanistic-integrative-person-centred counselling service

 registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) and NCS registered

Moving You Forward

Welcome to my site, are you struggling, not feeling like you connect or fit in? cannot see the wood from the trees, feeling overwhelmed, or experiencing pain and sorrow? I am a down-to-earth,

 confidential person, with a wealth of life experience, lets's start helping you to move forward again.

I can help with bereavement for both adults and children, trauma, domestic abuse, inner child wounding, addictions, and mental health issues. Giving a voice to anyone within the LGBT community and with anyone on the autistic spectrum, providing you with a non-judgemental, empathic, space, in a calm environment.


With compassion, I can support you with issues such as anxiety and depression, giving you the time, empathy and support you need, enabling you to find your true path, direction, and meaning again.

I have worked in the caring profession for many years with clients of all ages and diversities, wanting to explore overwhelming feelings and emotions and gain back control to move forward in their lives again.

When life feels like it's running on autopilot, using a blend of humanistic person-centred approaches, focusing on you and the changes you want to make, including somatic-the therapy of physical symptoms in the body, and the psychodynamic approach, by valuing the relationship between the past and present, according to the needs and perspectives of you, my client.



(‘’The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.") Carl Rogers.





Therapeutic Hypnotherapy and NLP focussed attention on deep relaxation and emotional well being  



Reiki is a natural energy that is used for healing in combination with crystal healing

Blue Water


Guided imagery for balance   well-being and stress management

I Can Help You With

Your well-being, meaning in life and loss of direction

Anxiety, Depression and Stress

Bereavement, Change and Loss

 including, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse

Domestic violence

Gender and sexual identity

Relationship difficulties

Unresolved childhood issues

Relationship difficulties


ill health and addictions

(‘’Not why the addiction, but why the pain?’’) Gabor Mate.



I was apprehensive when I began talking to Christina, but after our first session, I was made to feel at ease. The observations that she made, as well as the positive guidance, worked on, have helped enormously.
In short, I highly recommend Christina's counselling to everybody.



Christina was very friendly, helpful, and understanding and helped me through some of the issues I’ve been having after my husband died.



Christina is so comforting and understanding, she really listens with amazing exploration and clarification to problems you may have. She really makes you feel so comfortable and creates a safe space to talk. I really look forward to our sessions, as she genuinely makes you feel better. Since talking to Christina I feel as if a weight is lifting off my shoulders, she is amazing.






Tina, I met through being referred to a counselling service in November 2020. I was feeling very low. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I was dealing with childhood trauma, bereavement and with the end of a relationship in that year I just felt that I was overwhelmed with life and didn't know where to turn. I recently found out, July 2021 I also have autism, after being officially diagnosed by the NHS.

Tina dealt with my initial banter, which was protection. I wanted help but asking for it is a different matter. It took me a good few months before I let my guard down. Tina is patient, kind, wise, she is not scary to talk to. Tina wants to understand and help, it comes through in abundance that she is passionate about helping others whilst being down to earth and having a sense of humour, along with the counselling role.

I have had CBT before through a local NHS place, but it didn't help me at all, I talk to Tina now when I need a session, it could be once a week, it could be every 2/4 weeks, but when I find life is overwhelming I arrange a session with Tina, just to give me understanding and grounding in my life again.
I give Tina 5 ***** highly recommended and I don't do that lightly.



About Me










As a mother and coming from a large extended family, I feel very passionate about helping people, especially in turmoil and feeling overwhelmed, when it can be difficult to find a person who truly understands. I know, as I have experienced those places, where you cannot find hope or see a way forward, however, however, by learning to use my own intuition, and self-care, life has given me a greater path to follow, to my own happiness and growth, this can also happen for you, to have a fulfilling life.

(‘’Only the wounded healer can truly heal.’’) Irvine, D, Yalom.

Experiencing great loss has given me an awareness of how pain and sorrow can leave us feeling stuck, making bereavement and loss my speciality, I feel privileged to help someone supporting them through difficult circumstances, whether this loss is a friend, spouse, partner, baby, or even their own identity. Grief is a deeply painful and unique experience for each individual person.


(‘’The amount of death terror experienced is closely related to the amount of life unlived.") Irvine, D, Yalom

I continue to work for two bereavement charities, one being a national adult bereavement charity for people suffering from traumatic bereavements and the other for a children’s charity in Cornwall. Supporting people in their surrendering of grief and pain, young or old, which takes a lot of courage, especially when expressing their own mortality, fears, and or addictions.

(Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.”) Sigmund Freud.

The emotional losses of grief which are not expressed, can leave us feeling overwhelmed, and suppressing them can lead to problems with present relationships, however, recognising a need for counselling, gives a chance for the pain to be felt and understood through exploration, helping to understand that grief never leaves us, but life can continue to change around it.


(‘’The ultimate lesson is learning how to love and be loved unconditionally.’’) Elizabeth Kubler Ross.

Talking therapy can be healing, spiritual and nurturing, and I will have your best interests at heart. By assisting you to find a sense of clarity, eliminating, fear, shame and guilt, making it easier to be open to change, accepting ways of coping, facilitating an increase in self-awareness, and promoting a sense of well-being. You have done the hardest part by seeking help, all you need to do is contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.

My Service

I can offer

phone, online, or a face-to-face service, with an initial free 15 minutes consultation to discuss your concerns, goals, and requirements.

Sessions usually last approximately 50 minutes.

Sessions can be short-term or longer-term therapy

Payment will be required in advance of each session and payment methods are by BACS.

24 hours notice will be required for cancellations.

If there is non-attendance of a session, a 50% fee will be charged.

I am fully insured with an extended DBS certificate. I am insured abiding by BACP ethical standards framework and ICO (GDPR) registered

(Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.’’)


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